Monday, November 3, 2008

So tired!

Today we had to get up at 6 am, and it was so hard! We went to sleep pretty early last night, but still this morning was one of the hardest! Yesterday was fun, but i was so tired so i didnt make the best of it... And also we were sleeping at the hotel 5 min by bus from everybody else. Today will be better i think since we're staying at a better hotel and hopefully everybody together. Thats much more fun! Also tomorrow we'll be staying at a nice hotel, but the day after tomorrow will be not so good. And thursday i heard would be like over the top! Thats the night of the emas:) oh my god!! Only 4 days left!?!? Noo, i dont want to go home! Seriously NEVER! EVER! Get it? I will fanwalk forever! Or.. At least stay it the uk. I like it here, or maybe its just all the people? Anyway.. Wish it could last for at least 2 more weeks. Oh, dont even want to think about going home!

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