Friday, October 31, 2008


This is my hair for halloween

Fatty breakfast

Every single day we get this fat breakfast, soon i cant take it anymore

Last night

We didnt find the way home right away last night so we were just waking around and we met a lot of people. One girl wanted to take our picture, and this it the result. In the photo: me, susanne, lauren, the girl from malta and Annelen sitting on the ground :) last night was so much fun!


Party in the hotelroom!

Thursday, October 30, 2008


Now we are going to sing. I just did the most stupid thing, but i dont want to tell about it here.. So if my friends want to know, they have to call me!


This is kangaroo.. Yep, im actually eating a kangaroo

Finish eating

We just finished eating.. My food wasnt so good, i regret i didnt take lasagne. We're going to order dessert soon i guess. Hope i choose right this time. Me and Annelen got interviewed while we were walking, and that will be on norwegian tv they told us. No idea what channel, Haha. My friend, karen, also told me i was in the paper back home.

My first wristband

We had to stand whit our arms up in the air on one leg for a while.. It was hard. Only 20 people got one, and i was one of them. This was our first challange, later on we will have singstar and i'll be joining so i get another wristband just for joining. The best and the worst also get an extra wristband.


Along the way we met some horses. They were so beautiful! I love them!


Today we're not walking so much on the car road, more in the woods. Its nice, more variation! Right now we sit and wait.. Im not sure why though.. We'll be walking soon i guess. No, right now actually!

Packed bags

Now i've packed all my bags. Just ate breakfast and now we'll start walking soon

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Not hungry anymore

Still alot of food left, but we're all full! Looking forward to take the bus back to the hotel and sleep now :) getting up early again tomorrow. Tomorrows "dare-of-the-day" is singstar. I will be joining, off course - because that is the only way you can be in the competition to present an award on stage on the EMAs :) we were also told that it will be a challange in the morning as well, but it is secret untill tomorrow. Wounder what it is...

Finally food

We got our food! Yay:) i almost ate it all before i remembered to take a photo, because i was so hungry!!

Waiting for dinner

We're sitting in the lobby waiting for dinner

Yay! Fantastic!

Today we get a hotel room, and a nice bathroom too. Perfect :)


Now we're taking the bus! Just in time, my feet really wanted this :) in the photo: me, Annelen and to girls from malta.

Cold and snowy

Actually I didnt think it would be snow in england. Then again i have never been here before so i didnt know what to excpect. But we're okey whit it:)

Leaving london

We're leaving the city, and heading to.. Well, i dont know. The plan is to walk 15 kilometers, but the guide dont think we're going to make it. Haha. So we might take the bus or something later on.

Real norwegians - real shoes

Most other fanwalkers walks in vans and other types of snikers, but we are real norwegians and we walk in real walking shoes!

Finally started walking

Now we started walking. We're heading for our next photoshoot, and later-we'll be walking some more


We have been waiting for a while now, but we're soon walking i think :) just some more information ahead.. LETS GO!


After the photoshoot we have to eat :) next up is walking, i guess.


One of the fanwalkers dressed up like tom kaulitz. Pretty good, huh? :)


We got a goodiebag for the trip, or actually more like a snackpack. For more information about whats inside check out Annelen's blog :) but one thing to say: yummy <3

Going to photoshoot

Now we are going to a photoshoot where we are supposed to dress as a star. Everybody is going pretty wild whit it, except from me and Annelen :p we didnt bring anything, and we didnt want to do it halfway! We're walking later anyway so we are in our walking clothes and are also going to the photoshoot in that:-)

Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Its the first day of fanwalk and its snowing. Really exited to walk now. Or not! Hope for sunshine tomorrow :)


The norwegian girls waiting for food:) we are hungry! We just ate chips, but we need real food :)

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The Sony Ericsson FanWalk begins

100 die-hard music fans on their way to the MTV Europe Music Awards ’08 in Liverpool