Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Got sick of carry our back pack so we found a trolley. We named it mariah carey:)

Guitar hero

We have guitar hero on our phone and Annelen is playing all the time.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Walking- again?

Yep..we're walking. Annelen is cute and im a fucking sadface.

One Shoe

I got one Shoe and no doorkey. Where is the door key and my other shoe? I guess all the drunk fanwalkers is sitting on it. But they wount sit up i:( my shoe is lost.. For ever!


Annelen is doing sids hair.. Snoop dogg style

Monday, November 3, 2008


We were just crossing a field, and a lot of people got stuck in the mud! A shoe got lost for a while, but someone managed to dig it up. Im still dry and looking forward for to nights SPA HOTEL! Yay!

Gathering money

We just gathered some money by singing, danceing and entertaining for the people in birmingham. The money goes to the kids in birmingham to learn instruments. Heard that we got over 200 pounds or something. Our group gathered 47.90 :)


I was taking my b vitamines and it fell into my juice.. Looks nasty..

So tired!

Today we had to get up at 6 am, and it was so hard! We went to sleep pretty early last night, but still this morning was one of the hardest! Yesterday was fun, but i was so tired so i didnt make the best of it... And also we were sleeping at the hotel 5 min by bus from everybody else. Today will be better i think since we're staying at a better hotel and hopefully everybody together. Thats much more fun! Also tomorrow we'll be staying at a nice hotel, but the day after tomorrow will be not so good. And thursday i heard would be like over the top! Thats the night of the emas:) oh my god!! Only 4 days left!?!? Noo, i dont want to go home! Seriously NEVER! EVER! Get it? I will fanwalk forever! Or.. At least stay it the uk. I like it here, or maybe its just all the people? Anyway.. Wish it could last for at least 2 more weeks. Oh, dont even want to think about going home!

Sunday, November 2, 2008


Our own fanwalk band is playing and people is danceing. But im so tired! A guy and a girl was getting pretty groovy on the dancefloor, but now i cant see them anymore.. Hmm, wonder where they are?

On the bus-again

We just got of the bus, but we had to get back on. Everybody is sleeping in different buildings. It sucks! BIG TIME!

Everybody is tired

Everybody is sleeping, og almos everybody. We're on the bus to birmingham. We've been driving for a while now, hope we're there soon! So we can check in, go to dinner and party. Planning on going a bit early to bed, but we all know thats not going to happen.. Tomorrow we're walking again. Hope its not as bad weather as today. We really took the right day off. The weather outside is bad, and the bus is cold! ARE WE THERE YET!?

My thumb

Im hurt. It Was critical for a while, but i got my hello kitty bandage on-so now every ting is fine. I share my pain with anna! Caroline is just faking!

Just ate breakfast

Same old greasy breakfast. Just ate the egg and toast. Why do we get sausages EVERY SINGLE DAY? Sick of it. Now we're sitting on the bus heading for oxford. As i said, NO WALKING TODAY! :D

Finally i got some pussy!

Do you like pussy?

Cigarette burn

Annelen, lauren and susanne burned me with their cigarettes the day before yesterday. Not on purpose, but.. It hurts!

Cigarette burn

At least 3 persons burned me with their cigarettes the last few days. I think i was Annelen, lauren and susanne. It hurts!

On our way to oxford

Today we are really tired and our voices are almost gone after yesterdays singing and danceing to mariah careys : all i want for christmas.. Yep.. We also did bowling, and i got the best score in my life i think. Today will be great, no walking, just promoting, photoshoot and some freetime in oxford! Relaxing.

Saturday, November 1, 2008


We're dressed like elton john and clearly my new nickname is bunny.. Everybody comes up to me like: you're bunny right?


Now i have 4 :)


Now i have 4 :)

Where is our hotel?

And why do we almost never get to stay with the RIGHT people, if you know what i mean? Last night was so much fun, but here its so many rules. So i hope we are staying out late, before we're going back to the "hotel".. Its 14 people in the room, and boys on the other side of a little wall. They are always looking over and says : lets see some underwear! In your dreams, boys! Today we are going bowling, yay! I suck, but still..

Where is our hotel?

Well, this is different than we're used to.. But what dont we do for fanwalk?

Old potatochips?

Green and red potatochips, yummy! Or not?

Mini challange

Today my own mini challange is to walk dressed like a bunny before lunch. That means im walking 8 km in a bunny suit:) fun!